Thursday, August 18, 2016

Holding Court - Batman: Arkham Asylum - Session 2

Hey, sorry I missed yesterday! It was not a good day.

The Joker allowed himself to be captured as part of a ruse to throw Arkham Asylum into chaos...which he succeeded in quite handily. There's lots of dead guards now, and Commissioner Gordon has been captured.

I also spent way too much time trying to get at a thing I couldn't reach, because I didn't realize this game was quite as Metroid/vania as it is — I didn't expect to be able to backtrack nearly so much, and so assumed that anything I could see, I could get at with what I had on me, or with something I would soon acquire. Nope! So sorry for that lull. I won't trap myself so this time...though I'll still totally spend a lot of time meticulously exploring the environment.

Tune in today at 2pm ET for more Batman: Arkham Asylum!

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