Saturday, May 25, 2013

Chulip - Session 8

Chulip returns tonight at 6pm ET! We're closer still to the ending...can we complete it tonight? Tune in and find out!

Well, seems Chulip is off tonight, as John and Melissa made other plans. We'll be doing something, for sure, but not sure what at this point. Tune in and find out, I guess?

You know the drill for the links.

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Unfortunately, if we don't beat it tonight, it'll be at least another month before we do. Throne of Games is going on hiatus until June 22nd, because I'm going to be moving and travelling. In the meantime, I'll be missing much less of This Week in History and Load Bearing Bosses, so if you want, you can find me there.

Bonus with the moving, though: on our return, expect a much nicer "set." New room, new furniture, all that good stuff. I don't expect y'all to be that excited, but I sure am!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Filler Tonight, Live!

So, normally, we'd be starting an entirely new game tonight. However, since the next session with Brendan and Mabry is going to be more than a month away, it really doesn't make sense to start that now. So, that we may put off starting until after the hiatus, tonight, we will be continuing the game of FTL we began a few weeks ago after beating Alan Wake about an hour into the show...and we'll probably be starting over a couple more times because we die on the way.

We'll also be running without Daniel this week, which can only spell doom for us on this game.

Join us at 6pm ET for our repeated deaths! You know the drill with the links.

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Saturday, May 11, 2013


Tonight at 6pm ET, we will have an abbreviated episode of Throne of Games because Daniel is graduating from college! So we're gonna take off an hour early to go to his convocation.

But, in our remaining two hours, we're going to have a bit of fun with a one-off game, and one that will be great for a lot of audience interaction -- Dungeons of Dredmor. A farcical Roguelike, this game is hilarious and unforgiving. With skill trees like Fleshsmithing and Emomancy, and enemies like the Fish Paladin and Mustache Spirit, dying is more fun than it's ever been in this sort of game. Lots of choices to be made while playing, and we'll be listening to you to help make our decisions, so tune in and play along with us!

I've probably given the link spiels enough by now, so here they are:

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