Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Pandora Directive

Beginning May 5th at 7pm CDT

In the moonlight, New San Francisco sparkles like a chunk of cubic zirconium — an island of hollow beauty, surrounded by a red sea of radiation...five million souls drowning in gamma rays. Some lucky people have a natural immunity to the genetic mutation caused by the radiation; I'm one of 'em. Most of them live in the new city, but I don't. I live among the unlucky souls, the mutants and the destitute, in the wreckage of Old San Francisco. My name's Tex Murphy. I'm a private detective.

The year is 2043. The Earth is scarred by World War III, and the ruined ozone layer has driven humans into the night to avoid dangerous solar radiation. The face of the world may be changed, but people are still people. Tex, an archetypal down-on-his-luck PI, is hired to seek a missing person, but finds himself embroiled in something much bigger.

Join Brendan, Mabry, Daniel, Phil and myself (with maybe some extra guests) as we follow Tex down the rabbit hole in this classic FMV adventure game every other Saturday.

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