Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Host Profile: Mark

Hi, all! My name's Mark, but the Internet knows me as AmzRigh. I grew up in Fort Worth, TX, came to Norman, OK, for college, and stuck around ever since. I enjoy video games (of course!), I perform at the local Medieval Fair (which is how I know most of my cohosts), I play piano and am trying to learn guitar (and I fiddle around on ocarina when I'm bored), I do a history-themed radio show for Starmen.Net's Radio PSI, and I love good storytelling.

That last item is why I'm an aspiring game designer, and should be quite apparent in the games I choose for Throne of Games.

  • Favorite game: EarthBound
  • Favorite band: R.E.M.
  • Favorite book: The Magus, by John Fowles
  • Favorite movie: Twelve Angry Men

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