Thursday, September 22, 2016

Thursday Throne - Assassin's Creed - Session 8

Y'know, playing through it again, I'm noticing how a lot of this game kind of blends together. Like, there's a general progressing feeling of unraveling a mystery, of finding a few answers and even more questions, but it doesn't leave a lot of remarkable milestones along the way.

Last time, we assassinated a man who claimed to be consolidating power in Acre for the purpose of establishing self-governance in the city — though that would likely have been a puppet council controlled by the Templars. Meanwhile, in the real world, Lucy confided that Abstergo was a Templar-operated company, and that while their goals were noble, their lack of ethics was terrifying.

Join us tonight at 9pm ET as we continue Assassin's Creed!

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