Saturday, November 16, 2013

No Sleep till Scoggins

You may have noticed the blog post is going up later than usual. You know why? Because the show is starting later than usual! Ha ha, symmetry. The show will probably continue in this later timeslot for a while, which certainly has some distinct advantages: namely, since there's nobody following our timeslot, we won't have to cut scenes short! That's been frustrating on occasion, at least for me. It's not even a good cliffhanger to end like that.

So tune in tonight at 9pm ET as we continue — and probably conclude — Puzzle Agent 2!

Last time, following a lead from the mysterious Melkorka Teterdottir, we went to investigate the disappearance of Halldor in the forest. There, we encountered Edvard, who led us on a wild chase, eventually sending us tumbling down a hill. He got away, and left us lost...but what's this? A felled tree, with something glinting in its branches...what could it be? That mystery went unsolved, but tonight, answers will be had!

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