Saturday, November 23, 2013

Front Mission - Session 1

—Operation Briefing—
You are to depart under cover of night from Menasa, a city on Huffman Island which is under the jurisdiction of the Oceana Cooperative Union. Travel via a small submarine 30 kilometers along the coastline to reach the USN-controlled city of Fort Monus. Upon arrival, board the camoflauged ship and make your way to shore. You must then reconnoitre the enemy factory located in the Larcus district.

Due to the political tensions between our two countries, you are absolutely prohibited from engaging in any aggressive actions.

The year is 2090. Huffman Island, a disputed territory off the west coast of Mexico, is a hotbed of conflict. Though the First Huffman Conflict twenty years ago resulted in the division of the island between the Oceana Cooperative Union and the United States of the New Continent, skirmishes continued to break out between the opposing sides for some time. Now, Huffman Island knows an uneasy peace; though not actively at war, the OCU and the USN suspect it will not remain that way for long, and prepare for the coming conflict.

Join us tonight at 9pm ET as John begins this high-tech tactical RPG!

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