Saturday, October 5, 2013

Thomas Was Home Alone

Hello again, Internet! Sorry for missing last week's episode; I was sick, and didn't even have it in me to prop myself upright and play a game on air. (Really, probably more the fault of the prescription cough syrup. Knocked me out all weekend, pretty much.) But now I'm back, feeling mostly better, Brendan and Mabry are coming over, and we're going to beat two games tonight!

First up, the thrilling/inspiring conclusion to Thomas Was Alone — we picked this one up last time, thinking we could get through it in a single session, but fell just a little short. What lies in store for Jo, Sam, Paul and Team Jump? What could Grey be plotting? What about everybody else?

Next, we begin our Halloween programming with Home, a short but, by all accounts, tense and mysterious game. Awakened by a thunderstorm, you find yourself in a house that is not your own. Home adapts to its player and their choices, making no two plays quite the same. What sort of a story will we weave tonight?

Tune in tonight at 6pm ET and learn the answers to all these questions! Be ready to be moved, and to be scared. Probably in that order.

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