Saturday, October 19, 2013

So Chilly...

Just arrived in Scoggins, Minnesota. Population, 754.'s cold. And not much to look at. According to the Agency, there's some kind of situ-- incide-- THING going on at the local eraser factory. The whole plant has shut down.

There's a weird man staring at me.

Hopefully this won't be a big waste of time.

Tonight, we take a break from the imminent horror of Lone Survivor for the suspicion, doubts and uncertain trepidation of Puzzle Agent! Top FBI puzzle-solver Nelson Tethers is sent to Scoggins, Minnesota, to investigate the mysterious shutdown of a factory vital to the nation's well-being...but finds much more than he bargained for. With art by Graham Annable, and a story reminiscent of Twin Peaks and Fargo, Puzzle Agent feels at once welcoming and frightening.

Join us in this frozen, puzzle-solving mystery tonight at 6pm ET!

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