Sunday, October 7, 2012

Alan Wake: Session 1 having issues with YouTube

Well, this is problematic...YouTube is muting my video of Alan Wake because it detects that it contains copyrighted material — that is, its own soundtrack. This is beyond frustrating.

I've found other Let's Players have that music in their videos; do LPs fall into their own realm of fair use? Or did those people just suck it up and pay those licenses? I'm gonna have to research this...

Since it's not really watchable in its current state, I'm not gonna link it yet. Hopefully, this can get resolved in a relatively simple and timely manner.

[UPDATE] Okay, so while YouTube did catch the game's score in there, it was the game's licensed music that was the problem (namely, Roy Orbison's "In Dreams"). I don't want to just clip that part entirely out of the video, as I'd like to preserve the discussion during that time, but unfortunately, the audio is flattened, so there's no easy way to separate it out.

For this (and for this show in general), I really ought to acquaint myself with video editing more closely.

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