Sunday, June 10, 2012

Bastion: Session 3 now on YouTube

Session 3 of Bastion is now on YouTube in a whopping and randomly-split 13 parts. Last night's broadcast was harried by some rather unfortunate technical difficulties; it might've been our connection, it might've been TwitchTV's fault, it was probably a combination of the two. As a result, the stream kept dropping, causing TwitchTV to start a new one every time. Sometimes we got almost an hour without interruption, sometimes we only got a few minutes. But hey, YouTube playlists make compensating for that rather easy. (Of note, the first hiccup in the broadcast occurred before we even began playing; I've kept the video on YouTube for...I dunno, posterity or something, but did not include it in the playlist. So that's why there's no 1/13 there.)

We played from the beginning of the New Game Plus through Colford Cauldron. The next session of Bastion will be on June 23rd July 14th, and will probably be pretty short. Next week, we begin our Boulevard of Broken Dreams run in The Pandora Directive.

Since there are so many parts, I'm not even going to bother linking them individually.

Bastion playlist

[EDIT] I realized I have stuff going on for a few Saturdays in a row starting on June 23rd. The episode on the 16th will proceed as normal, and then resume after the break on July 14th.

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