Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Host Profile: Daniel

Salutations entities!  I am the one known as Daniel, or possibly Mcthulhu, and some may even know me from the past as Frogboy.  I'm Mark's longtime roommate here in Norman, where I've been pursuing my degree in computer engineering.  I've played videogames since I was 2, starting with SMB1/Duckhunt/Track&Field and zig-zagging about with whatever my familly could afford or I could rent up until college, where 8-bit Theatre's Red Mage sort of got me into tabletop gaming as well.

Today I nerd it up as a student and computer lab tech at the University and geek it up observing the spread of internet memes, playing RPGs, random olde school games, or watching/helping Mark do the same with what little free time I can scrape together.

Favourite Video Game: Tough one, but probably Ocarina of Time...'played the heck out of that in middle school.

Involved in ToG series: The Pandora Directive, Bastion, Freelancer, Alan Wake

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