Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Host Profile: Mabry

Mabry was born in 1983, the oldest daughter of the oldest daughter of the oldest daughter in a line going back past living memory, the latest scion of a line of powerful and dangerous women. Her lineage includes a healthy quantity of hobbit blood from such families as the Bobos and the Meriwethers, likely the reason for her short stature, round physique, and love of mushrooms.

Following an enchanted and adventurous childhood, she spent her teenage years mostly on the planet of Darkover, where she was acclaimed as the infamous Harpy of Aldaran. She grew closer to her one-time nemesis and husband-to-be (their marriage had been arranged by their parents years before), and for a time she turned her attention to utilizing godlike powers in a narrative format. It was during this time that she adopted the nom-de-plume "Belegwen."

Mabry attended college at Wesleyan university, where she pursued a classical and liberal education, focusing on ancient lore, such as history, literature, and philosophy. Her studies included a remarkable adventure in Scotland and writing a thesis on Elven mythology. She spent much of her free time questing in the land of Hesket, where she was a noted bard and votary of the goddess Sarana.

Following her graduation, she turned her attention to more perilous studies, with the goal of becoming a custodian of ancient knowledge. During this period of her life, she was married to Brendan in a fairy tale wedding. Ultimately, her library studies were concluded, and she was named a Master of the Science.

Unfortunately, there are few positions available for custodians of ancient knowledge, and so she has been forced to find work outside of her field. Most recently, she has resumed her studies now in the field of minion development. In her free time, such as it is, she pursues the genteel arts of dance, writing, drama, and bashing things with melee weapons.

Involved in ToG series: The Pandora DirectiveAlan Wake

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