Saturday, June 25, 2016

Tesla Effect

I can't really remember why I became a PI. Maybe because I believed in its code of honor, but even a set of principles can slowly slip from your grasp. Temptations become obsessions, each day innocence fades, and your character weakens.

New San Francisco, 2050 AD. Seven years have passed since that date with Chelsee. Fifteen years have passed since fans were left on that cliffhanger. And Tex can't remember any of it.

I've been very excited for this game since I first heard Chris Jones and Aaron Conners were making games together again. They made a few budget games together (strong in story, light in other areas), and then they finally regained the rights to Tex Murphy. One Kickstarter later, we have Tesla Effect.

I've contained my excitement until now, though — I began this stream with Tex Murphy, and it seems only fitting that I save my initial experience for live broadcast.

So join us tonight at 9pm ET as we begin Tesla Effect!

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