Saturday, April 19, 2014

Final Fantasy XI - The Eye of Altana

With the last of its energy, Phoenix saved us from Bahamut. With its dying breath, it bid Tenzen lead us to the fifth Mothercrystal. Tenzen's motivations are called into question...but he has yet to act against us. In a misguided attempt at reaching the Mothercrystal, the Armathrwn Society commanded Jeunoan troops to assault Movalpolos. Distraught at the loss of his friends, Jabbos nearly kills the Chebukkis, blaming them for their deaths. Nag'molada, meanwhile, escaped down the Moblins' tunnel to Al'taieu, caving it in behind him, cutting us off from following. We turn to Cid to fly us in pursuit to the Sea of Shu'meyo...but his airship is out of commission after its encounter with Bahamut. Repairs commence!

...But the damage is more extensive than Cid realized. Unable to repair the crystal propulsion unit, we seek another piece of ancient technology that Cid can work from. And apparently, such an item, the Chebukkis were supposed to have delivered to him already. Just like them to always be up to mischief — they've instead spirited it away to Tavnazia. We recover the item, and then call back Shikaree Z to Bastok. On our way back, we encounter her Shikaree sisters...where Z has a life-changing epiphany. By the nature of Promathia, their path of sin hunting is, itself, a sin. She bids her companions to continue protecting her homeland, while she continues to seek answers with our party.

Tonight at 9pm ET, we will seek out Louverance, and return to Bastok to see what Cid has prepared for us. Don't miss this next thrilling installment of Final Fantasy XI: The Chains of Promathia!

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