Saturday, April 26, 2014

Final Fantasy XI: The Celestial Capital

Last time on Throne of Games, we discovered that the man we know as Louverance is impostor? A doppelganger? A twin? It's yet unclear. But we didn't have much time to dwell on it; en route to Al'taieu, we were assaulted by Tenzen and the Chebukkis, who sought to kill us so the crystals' light we possessed would return to the fifth Mothercrystal. But Prishe intervened, convinced Tenzen that he was being an idiot, and not to obey Phoenix, that there was another way.

Suddenly, our airships were bathed in a strange red glow, rising from below, and we found ourselves before the Al'taieu Mothercrystal. But while the other mothercrystals exuded a comforting warmth, this crystal was shrouded in cold. Greeted there by Selh'teus, he explains that it had lost much of its power, and it could no longer sustain Al'Taieu in another dimension, thus releasing the Keeper of the Apocalypse upon Vana'diel. Then Selh'teus tries to kill us to return our light to the Mothercrystal. Everybody wants us dead!

But Prishe stepped in again, saving us from doom. She persuaded Selh'teus that we could do more good possessing the light of the fifth Mothercrystal than if it possessed the light we carried from the other four. He seems moved...but we were interrupted by Nag'molada before he could open the way to Al'taieu for us. Nag'molada, ever arrogant and greedy, broke the amulet we possessed, and stole from us the Light of Mea. However, upon gaining entrance to the Celestial Capital, he was confounded that he could still not hear the whispers of its residents, and stormed off to gain entrance to the Palace of Hu'Xzoi. We, however, could hear the voice, begging us to come to it.

Entering the palace would not be so easy for us, though...the gates were sealed by a power, and the switches controlling them had to be struck all at once for it to open for us. We enlisted the Chebukkis for this task, who had already devised a new scheme — they knew the ancient king had two sons and a daughter, long lost to him. Suspecting him near mad, they plan to pose as his heirs, and live there as royalty. I don't suspect it will play out so well for them...

Entering the palace, we find only the entry chamber open to us, and the voice we heard coming from behind a great door. From another came Prishe, who had been chasing Nag'molada, who was trying to find the Chamber of Eventide. With another path now open to us, we shall proceed.

Tune in tonight at 9pm ET as we further explore the Palace of Hu'Xzoi in Final Fantasy XI: The Chains of Promathia on Throne of Games!

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