Saturday, March 22, 2014

Front Mission - Session 5

Last time on Front Mission:

  • Infiltrated and destroyed a USN battery near Fort Monus guarded by a unit of prototype Wanzers being field-tested by Driscoll.
  • Engaged and defeated USN forces in Fort Monus led by Grieg, formerly of Hell's Wall, and using new "Sea King"-type Wanzer from Sakata Industries.
  • Rescued Sakata Industries president Reiji Sakata from attack by terrorist group Soul of Huffman
  • Sought out fleeing USN forces; combat was interrupted by a notification that a ceasefire treaty had been signed. USN forces refused to lay down their arms.

The end of the Second Huffman War did not mean the end of the story for Carrior Crow, however. Our next assignment is to track down and eliminate the Soul of Huffman. Meanwhile, strange things are still afoot on the island...

Join us tonight at 9pm ET as our continuing story unfolds on Throne of Games!

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