Saturday, February 1, 2014

Quest for the Throne - King's Quest - Session 1

Announcing tonight, a new sub-series on Throne of Games!

The theme is simple: does it have "Quest" in the title? We'll play it!

The inspiration for this theme? GOG had a sale recently, and I got Space Quest 1-3 and Police Quest 1-4. That's a lot of quests. However, we will not be starting with any of those tonight! Instead, we shall begin playing...

King's Quest: Quest for the Crown, the seminal game in this classic adventure series by Roberta Williams. The kingdom of Daventry is in a dire state: the king is old and without an heir, and the precious royal treasures have been stolen. Tasked with recovering the items, Sir Graham can prove his worth if he succeeds, and his reward will be to inherit the throne.

Will he succeed and return prosperity to the kingdom? Or will Daventry fall further into ruin? Join Daniel, Brendan, Mabry and myself tonight at 9pm ET and find out!

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