Saturday, February 8, 2014

Quest for the Throne - King's Quest II - Session 1.5

Last time on Quest for the Throne, we completed King's Quest: Quest for the Crown in the first two hours of the show, and began King's Quest II: Romancing the Stones in the remaining time. So tonight, we will continue!

King Graham, with his head in the clouds, consults his magic mirror, and falls immediately in love with the woman he sees there imprisoned in a tower. With newfound drive, he sets out for the land of Kolyma to rescue the fair damsel, certain his quest will only take him a few days.

After arriving in Kolyma, we pretty much wandered around aimlessly, finding the Door of Destiny, but not much else that yet seems entirely of consequence. Of course, this is an adventure game — everything is important and useful, somehow.

Join us for our continued journey through this strange land tonight at 9pm ET!

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