Friday, July 27, 2012



Decide your fate, one job at a time.  You are Edison Trent,a freelancer pilot earning your name and pay one contract at a time. Each job you takes on brings new allies and enemies, aligning him with different forces within a dynamic universe. Choose to follow the compelling storyline, or break off at any time and follow wherever your adventure may take you.

Combining customizable ships and a coherent in-game economy with responsive flight combat controls, Freelancer offers intrigue and adventure to suit any play style. 1000 years after the events of Starlancer, humankind has settled the Sirius sector. In a system full of traders, pirates, and bounty hunters, Freelancers take any job that suits their fancy and pays the bills. One such pilot, Edison Trent, is caught up in events that place him in the path of a full-scale invasion.

Join Mark, John, sonicstormer, and Daniel as they take to the stars in this action simulation game every other Saturday.

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