Saturday, July 14, 2012

Bastion: Session 4

Thanks for the reminder! We'll be concluding Bastion tonight, preshow at 6:45pm CDT, game beginning at 7.

Meanwhile, game selection continues. The nominations that have come in thus far are:

  • Freelancer, a space shooter/simulation best known for its open and persistent online play; but, as I understand, it also has a very compelling single-player story.
  • Alan Wake, a survival-horror/mystery game in which a crime novelist must retrace a manuscript he can't remember writing to rescue his kidnapped wife.
If you want to see either of those — or something else entirely! — leave us some feedback here on this blog.


  1. Save Alan Wake for when we finish Pandora Directive!!! I want to participate in that one, but I don't think i can do two nights a week.--Mabry