Saturday, May 21, 2016

Tex Murphy: Overseer - Session 3

We met with the enigmatic philanthropist J. Saint Gideon. Another avid chess enthusiast, he seems eminently likeable...but also just a step away from being a sympathetic supervillain, the kind you almost want to see win. We learned the philosophy that brought him his vast fortune — a crippled veteran, he at first felt his disability completely negated any good he could do in the world...but when he realized the opportunities still open to him, he wanted to share it with everyone who felt like he had. So he began his empire with numerous skilled and talented individuals who had been cast aside by society — the downtrodden, the misfits, the mutants — and all their untapped ability brought Gideon Enterprises to the apex of the business world.

However, Gideon has now been unceremoniously ousted from his own company and replaced by Frank Schimming, a man who would let profits rule the business, and whose anti-mutant politics would see undone all the good achieved during Gideon's rise to success.

How, exactly, this ties into Project Overseer is unclear, but the rabbit hole winds ever deeper...

Tune in tonight at 9pm ET as we continue Tex Murphy: Overseer!

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