Saturday, November 21, 2015

Stone of Graves - The Crooked Man - Session 2

On Halloween, since we finished Yume Nikki with plenty of time to spare, we moved on to The Crooked Man — a game which, while less eerie and unsettling, is more tense and scary. So far, our protagonist has moved into a new apartment, where strange things began happening, leading him to try and track down its previous tenant. His search brought him to an old, abandoned hotel, where he met a girl who seemed much like himself, and a monstrous man with a stretched, broken neck. After several encounters, he stopped running, and with some effort, dispatched the threat. He and the girl went their separate ways, and he continued following the trail to an, I think? Maybe college? That's where we'll proceed from tonight, and hopefully finish.

That's right — we're going to be wrapping up Stone of Graves before Thanksgiving. I don't think we've ever managed to do that.

Join us for the spookytimes tonight at 9pm ET!

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