Saturday, August 9, 2014

Final Fantasy II - Session 2

Driven from their home by the conquering Paramekian Empire, four orphans are pursued by ruthless soldiers. They stand no chance, and are quickly subdued — a few more casualties in the fall of Phin.

Three of them awake in Altair, under the care of Princess Hilda, leader of the Wild Rose Rebellion. Their fourth friend, though, is nowhere to be found. With no home or family to return to, the three youths pledge themselves to the Rebellion, to seek revenge against the Empire, and, just maybe, find their lost friend.

I didn't intend to return to Final Fantasy II so soon, but that's how it's turned out.

Like I said on the show the last time, I think this is a very underrated game in the series. I first played it immediately after beating the original Final Fantasy for the first time, and as good as that one was, I was absolutely blown away by this one. While Final Fantasy constructed a fascinating world for you to discover, discover was about all you did. The plot advanced very little over the course of the game; the player just unraveled a mystery that had existed for ages. Final Fantasy II, on the other hand, presents a world embroiled in war, gradually falling to an immensely powerful empire. Things happen. The world changes. The characters are more than just blank slates — players and NPCs both have distinct personalities. There are more "Oh $#!^" moments in this game than in most I've played. I was very impressed by what a great step forward this game made in the series.

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