Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Night of the Short Attention Span

So, if you've been following my other shows (or if you know me in real life), you know that I've been sick. That's why we skipped doing a show last week. Now, I'm not entirely better yet, but my prescription meds are making me feel pretty good. They're also making me feel rather loopy. So, since the last show I did under medical influence went over pretty well, I figure I've got no excuse to miss again this week.

As for what we're playing? Whatever the heck we feel like. Or whatever you want to see us play! We'll be taking requests for games that are fun and entertaining in short bursts and switching it up all night. We might bring out Race the Sun, or Long Live the Queen, or The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot, or whatever else strikes our fancy.

So tune in, make requests, and we'll probably give 'em a shot.

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