Saturday, August 3, 2013

Scribblenauts Unlimited - Session 2

It's been more than two months since we started Scribblenauts Unlimited as a last-minute substitution, but this is only our second session with it. Between the hiatus, schedule hiccups, and just really wanting to finally finish Chulip, there were delays. I can hardly remember what happened last time, so I can't really blame y'all for not remembering, either. I remember we created artception, turned a giant demon into a statue in the town square fountain, placated a troglodyte with football, rode a rocket-powered shoggoth, built a radon store, and used the Highlander in a recipe for a phoenix.

Yeah, this game is ridiculous and ridiculously fun. Join us tonight at 6pm ET as we continue our quest to save our sister from turning to stone!

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