Wednesday, December 19, 2012


I'm an underworld resident, Michio Suzuki. This is Local Apartment Unit 103.

Anyway, that is not important now. Your love letter is the problem. It was not good. Not at all. Why not? You don't know? It doesn't have your heart in it. You can't write a good love letter like that. If you can write a good love can kiss her under the legendary tree on the hill.

However, even if you try to write a letter with your heart, your heart is immature and weak. Before you profess your love to her, you need experience. Kiss others to strengthen your heart.

Let's begin your lessons.

Chulip may be the strangest game I've enjoyed. The short-version premise: a kissing RPG. No, it's not a dating sim, nor is it anything like Thousand Arms.

Our hero has met the girl of his dreams, but he must become a skilled kisser before he can win her heart. How does he do this? By kissing everyone else in town...and somehow solving their myriad problems in the process.

Yes, it's as weird as it sounds. But that's precisely why I thought it would be entertaining to play here on Throne of Games. Join Daniel, John, Melissa, Mitch and myself beginning at 7pm ET on Saturday, December 22nd for this bizarre adventure!

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