Saturday, November 17, 2012

Amnesia: The Dark Descent - Session 3

Tonight at 7pm ET begins what is likely to be our final session of Amnesia: The Dark Descent! Tune in to the Radio PSI TwitchTV channel to see the riveting, horrifying conclusion!

The quick recap: last session, we encountered the only friendly face we've seen so far, and what an ugly face he was. Agrippa, chained husk of a man that he is, has proved quite helpful so far, pointing us toward the fragments of the shattered orb, which we will need to repair if we wish to oppose Alexander and survive. When we left off, we had recovered half the orb; the other half remains to be collected.

To join in the chat, pop this link open in your IRC client, or this link in your browser.

If you've been following us, you may have noticed the absence of last week's Alan Wake video. Don't worry, it didn't hit copyright issues again; I've just been trying to figure out a new way of recording and uploading them. When I tell XSplit to record locally, it saves a single video file for the entire episode's duration; I go to upload that file, YouTube won't render it higher than 480p, even though I'm recording at 720p. However, if I download the videos from Twitch, they're broken up into smaller chunks, but YouTube will display those at 720p just fine, although they look muddier than the file I recorded locally. This is kinda frustrating, and I hope to get it figured out sooner rather than later. If anybody has any ideas as to why this may be happening, please let me know.

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