Wednesday, September 16, 2015

It's the Time of the Season

October is just around the corner...that means the return of Stone of Graves is soon! We (mostly Melissa) have a few ideas, but we wanna get your feedback. So let us know what you'd like to see us playing!

These are all very well-regarded indie horror games, so we'd be happy to play any of 'em! Just leave us a comment if there's any that sound particularly appealing to you.


  1. Yume Nikki for sure, and Ib sounds interesting too

  2. All of them are good. I haven't seen much from Yume Nikki and I just stumbled on Albino Lullaby while I was coming up with ideas. I'm excited to see what our viewers pick! Right now it's looking like Yume Nikki for at least one of the groups. I know Mab was interested in Schuld.